xwooyoung replied to your post: Man, I hope people are still up to mak…

Go to sleep.

No, you go to sleep. Your typist goes to school earlier than mine doooes.

Man, I hope people are still up to make friends.

kimjvngn asked—
Ari mama! (Waves to you)

Ah finally my son—hi! -she waves back;

minpossible asked—
/listens to be my baby on repeat;

-listens to Darling on repeat and breaks the button;

sugatoto asked—
"I know you don't believe in forever, so stay with me until eternity." You're adorable.

-she raises an eyebrow; You’re quoting me?

sugatoto asked—
Kind of nervous...

Don’t be, you’ll do fine babe.

sugatoto asked—
Babe, you're coming to my group's concert...right--?! First solo concert, yo.

I’ll be silently crying inside because I can’t, hopefully there’s a stream or something…but I mean…I see you guys a lot anyways.